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 Alien Incubator Pt.1

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PostSubject: Alien Incubator Pt.1   Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:53 am

After a startling discussion with my mother, I ran to the records office to see if they had anything about possible surgeries that I may have had at a young age, and I found a disturbing document. At a young age I was diagnosed with a disease that had infected my kidneys, my mom kept this a secret and brought me in for a surgery, but it only made things worse. The infection spread to my lungs, nearly ensuring my death. My mom authorized a last ditch, experimental surgery to try and save my life. However, the surgery wasn't working. When all hope was about lost, an alien came and made a deal. In return for using my body as a incubator for alien organisms, he would save me, and I could grow up to live a normal life.
This all changed though as I read the document. I was never supposed to find the document. Even the record keepers had tried to keep it from me. They were working with the aliens to find viable hosts. They chased me down, but it was too late. The grey alien found me and quickly decapitated me. The phrase "Curiosity killed the cat" came to mind. He told me that I wouldn't have had to die if I had left things alone and just went on with my life.
My lifeless body fell to the ground in a heap.
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Alien Incubator Pt.1
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